Smoking endangers your health!

Certainly you know this and every time you hold a cigarette box in your hands, you can read these words.

Most of the smokers wish not to feel the compulsion to smoke. Lots of those just want to stop smoking and this not only because of their health, but also because of other reasons. Which reason is the deciding one to stop smoking, doesn't matter.

At the end there's only the success, if you have handled it.

But everyone, who had smoked sometime and wanted to stop it, knows that it isn't easy.

Certainly there are people who said: "This is my last cigarette, then it's over!" and then they never touched a cigarette again. But it's not that easy for most of the smokers.

After some days, weeks or month they clutch at the cigarette box again- unnerved, disappointed and also angry about themselves.

Don't be down in the mouth and try it again with the help of the "mental  smoking cessation"

The "mental smoking cessation" is a spiritual act whereby energies are released, which activate the self-regulating forces.

On physical level they effect that the desire to smoke a cigarette is reduced and not redirected e.g. to eat sweets.

On spiritual level they effect a motivational push, which is geared to the endurance.

On metal level annoying accompanying symptoms are coped with, like e.g. bad mood.

The „mental smoking cessation" achieves help to self- help.
It's requirement that you really want it!

You will handle it- believe in you!

Don't be down in the mouth and try it again with the help of the “mental smoking cessation”!