Deep relaxation for body, spirit and mind

Do you feel exhausted, tired and burned-out?

Do you have difficulty motivating yourself and do you prefer to lie on your couch instead of pursuing your hobbies, which were great fun otherwise?

Do you react irritably to your fellow men, because actually you just want to have your peace...?

Then it's time to allow oneself this peace!

How does the treatment happen?

In a treatment of deep relaxation the universal energy is conveyed to you and your energies are activated by hand lay-up. By incentive of the energy flow in your body blocks can be solved, which affected negatively on your wellbeing on physical, mental and spiritual level. During the energy transmission you lie on the back and the hands of the treating healer only touch your head and your shoulders. Apart from that he holds his hands ca. 20 cm over your body.

How does the deep relaxation act?

The effect of a deep relaxation isn't the same to all people and it depends on whether and how far you are willing to let yourself fall. Some people report on a silence, they didn't go through long time and which they have enjoyed. Other people tell about a dream, which they feel very intensive. These people often have the feeling that their wellbeing improved and that they have recharged their batteries. Those, who didn't feel something during the treatment, often realize later that they are more stress-able and that they have found their interior peace again. Allow yourself this experience of interior peace and take a moment, which only belongs to you, to opt out of the daily routine, because...

"Strength lies in calmness!"