Radiation exposure and cancer

According to A. J. Lodewijkx

Electric-smog and earth rays threaten our health exceedingly. They influence our organism and bring headache, sleep disorder and cancer.

The scientist of cancer A.J. Lodewijkx recaps in his book
"Leben ohne Krebs" the happenings of considerable scientists of cancer, who all arrive at the conclusion that cancer is among other things caused by exposure.

Another link in the chain of causes is the exposure. The whole cosmos, the earth we're living on, the food, everything is concerned with radiation. Even in our body there is no process going on without radiation.

We all know the world has got north and south pole. We're able to determinate the direction of the poles exactly by using a compass. This is possible because there are electromagnetic fields all around the world. The fact that fields like this are also in somatic cells isn't very well-known. Every cell has got a positive and a negative pole. The nucleus, the interior of the cell has got a positive charge. In contrast the cell wall, the membrane has got a negative charge. According to Seeger and Schacht the potential between both poles of a healthy cell rests with 90 minivolt. I say "of a healthy cell" knowingly, because the potential of a sick cell doesn't rest with 90 minivolt, but with maybe 40 minivolt.

The potential of a cancer patient is even smaller and the famous cancer specialist professor Dr. W.F. Koch has shown as one of the first that cancer is caused by earth rays. For example sleeping in a room with earth rays stresses our potential every night, hour after hour and brings the potential out of balance.

P.G. Seeger says, the changes of potential, which are characteristic of cancer, are amongst others especially caused by changed magnetic impulses. This is very important because a changed magnetic field evokes a change of acidity of blood (pH value) in the direction of alkalose. So the protein structure of the cell membrane changes, which engenders disturbances of permeability.

In addition to this a "process of pole changing" is activated, which a cancer cell gets a strong negative charge. The bombing with negative radiation caused constant by earth rays creates sick cells that evolve into cancer cells longdated.

During his years and years of practice being a doctor of cancer Seeger noticed that almost all deader of cancer were susceptible to geopathogenic radiation over years!

Furthermore A.J. Lodewijkx warns about X-rays and radiotherapy in medicine.

He writes:

Dr. J. Kuhl, a former specialist of cancer, named this type of therapy the "biggest mistake of medicine".

X- rays destroy the electromagnetic fields of our cells completely!

On account of this fact radiotherapy is more carcinogenic than cancer controlling. They destroy metabolism deeply.

Therefore radiotherapy hast o be refused. The effects of those therapies are multiple researched.

The researches show that radiotherapy after a cancer surgery lead to metastasis or dissemination!