Dental-problems by electric smog

Investigations of Swedish scientists show that electromagnetic radiation changes the chemical structure of amalgam fillings. In this way dangerous amounts of the highly poisonous quicksilver, contained in amalgam, are released and absorbed by the body.

The release of quicksilver rose over sixfold by women with display work stations at some displays.

Who suffers from typical symptoms of a quicksilver exposure, like a bad short-term memory, tiredness and headache, has not to remove all amalgam fillings. Investigations of the International Company for electric smog- research (IGEF) showed that health afflictions by amalgam and other dental metals will often cease short, if the electromagnetic radiation is diminished.

This doesn't mean only electric smog at the working place. The investigations of the International Company for electric smog- research (IGEF) showed that electromagnetic fields are often measured at sleeping places on the same magnitude as at the working place.

Replacing amalgam fillings with other dental metals often doesn't bring the expected health improvement because not only amalgam fillings, but also other dental metals attract electromagnetic radiation. The combination of current and metal is often the reason for health afflictions, which can easier and quicker avoided by an abatement of the electromagnetic exposure as by a removal of the amalgam.