Electric smog: The hidden danger

You don't see it, you don't hear it, and you don't smell it:
The electric smog - the treacherous mix of frequencies and electromagnetic fields, which attack our health every day.

There are only a few frequency bands, which are not used. Radio- and television transmitter, cell phone- and radar installations transmit for all one's worth. New transmitting masts spring up like mushrooms, transmitting power of the older ones are enlarged as far as it will go.

The citizens' initiatives, whose concern is the protection of public health, come along with re-foundation hardly. Judgments to protect the citizens are ground out. Farmers discover their fighting spirit if their cows perish or their wood dies.

Humans are manipulated by ELF-waves in secret projects like HAARP and the military develops their new microwave-weapons and tests them on humans continuously.

Who doesn't know the serious health risks, isn't able to protect himself.