Which effects does electric smog have to our organism?

The latest scientifically results and examinations, collected in this part, are out of the very good web page: www.risiko-elektrosmog.de. It's advisable to visit this site from time to time.

Since 20 years there are people, who feel themselves physical impaired by electromagnetic fields and waves. Electric smog was first in latest time recognized as a new dangerous health and environment impact, which we're constantly exposed to. Specially the brain and nervous system, that controls all the bodily functions with low intensive electromagnetic streams and signals, gets into a stress situation by the a million times stronger radiation in close range of many electrical appliances and electric cable as well as by the covering the needs mobile communications. This stress situation can lead to general dysfunctions.

Extensive examinations of the International Company for electric smog-research (IGEF) showed that inexplicable nervous complaint, chronicle tiredness, lack of drive, allergies, headache, states of panic, bad sleep and cardiovascular problems are often attributable to electro smog. The healthy organism has some control- and regulation mechanisms, which are able to compensate for disturbance on cell level and prevent the creation of illness.

But it's definitely plausible, although it's scientific insufficiently proven, that humans, whose regulatory mechanism is already enfeebled by illness, age or a multitude of environmental burden, react on extra disturbance more sensitive than healthy humans. Electric and magnetic fields can pose such an extra disturbance, which cause a chronic stress-irritation-environment.

Firstly there are „stress symptoms" like sleeping disorder, permanent tiredness, headache, avolition, nervousness, disturbance of concentration, memory defect, interior unrests and tensions. After a longer burden individual weaknesses come out, like elevated blood pressure, vision disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, tinnitus, breathing difficulties, permanent changing medical condition, attitude change, thinking barrier, dizziness, interior commotion, the feeling "to be under pressure", whistling in the ears, hearing loss, endocrine disorder, depressiveness, temper and other afflictions.

But there could be also chemical and cellular impacts:
Enhancement of blood fats in spite of healthy nourishment, cardiac infarction, weakness of bone marrow with decline of the white blood cells and carcinogenesis are only a few examples of a lots.

William Ross Adey, one of the chief researcher at the Medical Centre in Loma-Linda in the U.S. state of California, thinks that "it isn't just conjecture that biomolecule systems react also on very low electromagnetic fields" and that heating "is certainly not the base of this interference".

In accord with Adey the electromagnetic effect with a change in the enzyme balance could be explained by cells, which influence the cell growth. Effects could be activated by coeval exposure of certain chemical products.

According as William Ross Adey electromagnetic fields have five effects on humans, namely the impact of:

the immune system (e.g. the activity of the T lymphocytes, one sort of the white blood cell);

the fetal development during a pregnancy;

receptors in the cell membrane;

the cell growth and its regulation and also

the interaction of brain functions and the production of hormones, especially at the epiphysis.