Decontamination and interference elimination of the living space

Electric smog, radiation and noxious substances are omnipresent.Strom trans
The modern technique makes us comfortable. Computer and Internet make it possible to read these lines. But it's a fact that the technique world produces electric smog
(electromagnetic, low- and high-frequency fields), radiation and noxious substances. These invisible negative energies bedevil the human organism daily.

By means of mental alchemy all negative exposures of wind generators, radio masts, estates, houses, flats, working places, cars, cell phones and suchlike can be permanent abolished.

A quick look in your own flat or working place shows:

Computer, laptop, printer, television, stereo system, telephone/ cell phone, eclectic home appliances e.g. microwave, fridge etc. electric powered lines, light sources etc. water vein, earth rays (geopathic radiation), noxious substances in food, clothes etc.

Moreover electric smog and radiation can act on us extraneous by high voltage power lines, radio masts or satellite complexes. The body's defense has always to bridle. The human body is stressed out. Our nervous system is strained and our immune system has just a little chance to recover. It's no wonder that that e.g. allergies, autoimmune disease, electromagnetic hypersensitivity or burn-out rise in our modern time!?

We don't have to live with these negative energies if we trust in the power of the intelligent spirit, affectionate also "Mental alchemy" called. By means of it, the mental interference elimination and decontamination is possible. This means a permanent and measurable transformation of all negative energies into positive energies in your living space. House, flat, working place and all other places become a permanent "power place".

A "Power place" is a "space", which is saturated with positive, turning to the right swinging of light- palpable for man, animal and plant.

This "wonder" is possible, because-

"Spirit prevails over the matter!"