Uwe Weidlich


Spiritual and straightening healer

User of natural Asian art of healing

Zhen- Sai master and teacher


After I sustained a heavy injury of my cervical spine by a car accident, my cervical spine was operated on two times. In the following years I took many medicaments and carry out some rehab-measures to hold my healthy fairly steady and to stay able to work. Indeed these measures brought abatement for a time, but they couldn't induce a basal change.

This situation and the perspective to take medicaments for the rest of my life and to be burst out of my private- and working life again and again for some weeks because of inability to work and new rehab- measures stressed me physically as well as mental. Meanwhile I resign the hope, that academic medicine could help me to get my problems permanent under control.

So I began to look for the famous straw to clutch at in my misery.

Then I got to know an age-old natural art of healing of Asian tradition. Just the imagination to be able to do something for myself brought me to learn this art of healing.

My spiritual way led me to an older woman, where I visited many different courses dealing with the subject "help for self-healing". I went to the open exercises in the evening every week to deepen the things, I learned at the courses. Moreover I meditate 1-2 hours a day a home and practices the exercises to get deeper in the material.

Later I heard about the "Mental spine straightening", what straightens the spin, activates the self-healing power and restores the energy flow in the body.

By the reason I had nothing to lose, I had the "Mental spine straightening" executed.

The "Mental spine straightening" and the energy therapy, which I applied naturally on my own body, made an impact. Since that time I feel good and my state of health improved so now I can abstain from medicaments and pain relievers.

This experience impressed me in such a way, that I had myself educated as a mental and straightening healer. In India I sampled the top of my spiritual education. There I was able to deepen and intensify all the things I had learned before.

The things, I found out, learned and sampled in India, gave me the final pinch of courage to found my

„Licht Energie Zentrum".

Here I want to pass what I've learned to administrate help for self- help.
I am ready to show you new ways. Are you ready to?

Uwe Weidlich