I'm happy to bit you welcome to the Internet page
of the light energy centre for spiritual healing.

Being a user of a „natural Asian art of healing"of the spiritual healing, I help you to get physical, spiritual and mental balance by:

Spine straightening, by the unique „Mental straightening" with correction of pelvic obliquity and leg length compensation.

Curative treatments of any kind for body, spirit and mind by energy treatment, hand lay-up and also distant treatments.

Become a nonsmoker by my „mental smoking cessation".

Take time, if you feel tired or burned-out.
Use my deep relaxation to recharge your batteries.

Buildings, electrical appliances, mobile phones, etc., which are loaded with water veins, earth rays and electric smog, can have a negative effect on your health and the health of your relatives. The "spiritual alchemy" gives the possibility for a constant decontamination and interference elimination.

In fury –
the man loses his intelligence !

Great spirit - save me
from judge man,
until I strolled a mile in their moccasins.

( wisdom of Sioux)

Everything is beautiful -
that you look at with love.

The way is the aim

It's worth remembering that something, you don't get –
could be a wonderful stroke of fate.

Every beginning is easy –
but the last steps are rarest climbed and with difficulty.

Do not dream your life –

live your dream 

No future is able to do –
what you miss in the present!

Success has two letters - to DO!

Be the change –
you wish for the world.

Luck is harmonizing consciousness with subconscious.

Who made a mistake and didn't correct it -
makes another mistake.

What you want to inflame in others –
has first burn in yourself.

We don't live to believe –
but to learn!

To stand up one more time -
as you're knocked over -
that's all there is to it.

You grow with your tasks ...

Tomorrow you will be -
what you think today.

Love is the wish to give -
not to get.

Let go –
what pulls you down.

If you think, it's the end –
you have just to start!

Open your arms for a change -
but don't lose sight of your value.

The wise man searches – what is inside of him.
The fool - what is outside.

What ever you are able to do or you dream that you can do it –
Start to do it!

We're not only responsible for what we DO -
but also for the things - we don't do!

Sometimes you have to travel to the past –
to get ready for the future!

Miracles come to people –
who believe in them!

To reach the source -
you have to swim against the tide.

Love your enemies –
they tell you your faults!

There is only one way in the world –
that nobody can go apart from you.
Where it takes you...
Don't ask – Go it!



Everything we are now -
is the result of our thoughts!

Who thinks to be someone –
stopped become someone!